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Benchmark carriers & reduce WISMO with shipping insights

About Tracey

Compare carrier performance and optimize selection with the help of AI

Provide accurate delivery estimates and detect issues early with predictive parcel monitoring

Reduce WISMO by 55% with automated customer support messages when a delivery delay is detected

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Tracey by Sendcloud gives you the data you need to make better shipping decisions and improve customer experience. Gain insight into carrier performance and select the right delivery partner based on speed, parcel size, price, and reliability. Offer accurate delivery estimates with predictive analytics and stay in control of shipments with near real-time parcel monitoring. You can even connect Tracey to your customer support tool to automatically send status updates when a delivery is lost or delayed - reducing WISMO-related inquiries by up to 55%. Tracey’s shipping intelligence software is fueled by over a decade of delivery data, helping leading e-commerce shippers, 3PLs, and retailers shape their ideal shipping strategy. Get Tracey as part of Sendcloud’s Enterprise plan or as a standalone platform.

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Available for Sendcloud Enterprise plans
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