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Pixi-Sendcloud by Codept: Shipping Excellence Redefined

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Elevate shipping efficiency

Connect seamlessly to multiple carriers for international parcel services

Customize tracking, returns, and labels effortlessly for an enhanced shipping experience

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Experience a comprehensive shipping solution with the Pixi-Sendcloud integration, tailor-made for Pixi customers. Enhance your shipping efficiency by seamlessly connecting to multiple carriers and unlocking access to a wide range of international parcel services. Developed and supported by Codept, this integration empowers you to customize and elevate your tracking, returns, and shipping label experiences. Effortlessly connect to your Sendcloud account, enabling quick and hassle-free label generation

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Learn how to connect Pixi to Sendcloud here

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Available for all Sendcloud plans
Number of installs
Countries available in
Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria
Available languages
English, German