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Connect orders from 400+ marketplaces to 100+ carriers

About Mirakl Connect

Connect orders from 400+ marketplaces to 100+ carriers

Select which marketplaces you want to connect to Sendcloud

Sync order data and use smart shipping rules

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Mirakl Connect is a global marketplace ecosystem that allows you to list your products on over 400 marketplaces via a single platform. With the Sendcloud app for Mirakl Connect, you can effortlessly integrate and import orders from hundreds of marketplaces through one single integration — no more adding each marketplace separately. Choose which marketplaces to include or exclude. Access the best carriers and shipping methods in Europe, and streamline your shipping process with smart shipping rules. Manage your orders from pick and pack to sending automated tracking messages, and handle returns efficiently with a branded return portal — all within one platform.

How to connect

Learn how to connect Mirakl Connect in the Sendcloud Help Center

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Available for all Sendcloud plans
Countries available in
Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria
Available languages
English, French