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Pick and pack with no room for error in Shopify

About iPacky

Automatic print of shipping labels from Sendcloud

Bin locations with optimized picking route for faster picking

Kits/bundles support to make sure every item is picked and packed

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iPacky helps you reduce packing mistakes to zero. Scan every item, and let our app track every action you or your packers take. Improve the work and information flow with note to packers, product notes and optimized picking path with bin locations. Easy set up, customize every part to match your workflow or create a better one. Shipping labels are printed automatically after order check using Sendcloud. Multiple printer support. Dashboard with detailed information on the packing process and insights into how to make it more efficient. Generate a packing report, where every action your packers took is recorded. Print out improved picking lists/packing slips, batch picking print and on-screen. Multi-user and full support for mobile devices. Works with Shopify on any device with a browser.

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Learn how to connect iPacky to Sendcloud here

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Available for all Sendcloud plans
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Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria
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English, French, German, Spanish