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Billbee by Beeconnect

Pass shipment data from Billbee to Sendcloud

About Billbee by Beeconnect

Use different shipping service providers without a direct contract

Direct shipping handover from Billbee with labels from Sendcloud)

Tracking data is automatically stored in Billbee

With the Beeconnect connector, Billbee and Sendcloud can be connected to each other. Functionality: As soon as the tag “Sendcloud” is set in Billbee, we transfer the order data to Sendcloud and you can create your labels in the Sendcloud portal. We currently pass on the delivery address, items listed in the order (parts lists only if individual items were added to the parts list during import to the order), weight (must be stored in the item), SKU, quantity, and value. If the transfer was successful, you will receive the “Sendcloud ok” tag reported back in Billbee. If you have created the labels in Sendcloud, we will report the tracking number to Billbee and set the status of the order to “shipped”.

How to connect

Learn how to connect Billbee to Sendcloud here

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